Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glow sticks are also used on boating trips.

During the seventies, several Connecticut-based scientists made an unusual discovery. It was found that if phenyl oxalate ester and hydrogen peroxide were combined together, a chemical reaction would take place known as chemilluminescence, which is where the combination of the two chemicals forces photons to vibrate at such an increased speed as to produce a source of light. This amazing discovery, it was found, was also later discovered to be highly marketable, and some years later glow sticks began to be sold as both practical and novelty items.
Not only could wholesale glowsticks be used as an educational tool for demonstrating the effects of chemilluminescence found in sea life creatures such as pilot fish, they also has numerous other practical uses as well. Sporting and emergency situations frequently make use of wholesale glow sticks , in sports such as fishing where they are used as bait for example, and as emergency lighting for situations such as camping trips. As glow sticks do not require a power source, they are particularly useful in situations such as this, and are often used by rescue workers, fire fighters and doctors following natural disasters where the main power supply has been cut off and no other power source is available –they are highly convenient, too –simply by snapping the plastic outer casing, this breaks the fine glass tube holding the second chemical inside, which then mixes with the surrounding first chemical to create the glowing effect. Glow sticks are also often used to alert people or as a replacement for emergency flares.
In sports glowsticks are also used by divers to track others under the water and to signal to one another. As the glow sticks are particularly light weight, it makes them ideal for this purpose. They can also be used on boating trips, either as emergency lighting or to mark the positioning of a boat.
In terms of recreational use, it was not until much later that wholesale glowsticks earned their notorious reputation as part of the neo rave scene, which even sparked a whole dance culture incorporating wholesale glow sticks as a main theme –glowsticking. This is where the dancer contorts and twists his or her body into different shapes while spinning, throwing and catching glow sticks with his or her hands. The softness and pliability of the outer casing used in glow sticks also meant that they could be made into such novelty items as glow bracelets and glow necklaces.
Glow bracelets and glow necklaces are also frequently used for events such as black light parties, where a UV light is used to show neon or fluorescent items off to great effect. Recently the rave trend has undergone something of a revival, meaning that glow sticks are now more popular than ever in terms of recreational use, but regarding their history they are a piece of scientific history the user can demonstrate simply by snapping a plastic tube.

Part and parcel of the acid house look is to wear glow bracelets.

Throwing a party? Why not consider giving it a theme? For a party with a difference, why not rave it up at your own black light party, complete with fluorescent decorations to adorn your room with! Anything from wholesale glow sticks to fluorescent paper and material can be used, but it need not stop there –even give your guests glow bracelets and glow necklaces to wear for a fun, funky addition to your UV extravaganza!
In recent years, the neo-rave scene has been witness to something of a revival, with songs like MIA’s song “XR2”, a homage to the early nineties London rave scene causing the movement to once again gain momentum into the millennium.
And to that end, as well as adorning your venue with brightly glowing objects of beauty, why don’t you dress for the occasion? Part and parcel of the acid house look is to wear glow bracelets and glow necklaces, and as for apparel, keep the top tight and the bottom baggy for some serious dancing –you could even host a glow sticking competition with your mates –give it a go! In case you’ve never heard of it, this is a dance craze that took off some time in the eighties which is on a par with things like poi –you have a couple of wholesale glow sticks, which you then twirl to the rhythm of fast paced music, throwing them and catching them as you go. Some of the professionals amongst you will hopefully be able to throw some interesting shapes, but for amateur dancers, it’s a good chance to throw a few wholesale glowsticks about and to have a great time.
To create your very own UV palace of wonders, the walls should ideally be dark. Black, plum, dark green –any colourwhich is dark enough to show off fluorescent paint to great effect. If the owners of the building would not be too impressed with you apparently turning your flat into some kind of gothic cave, take heart –fabric drapes cost mere pennies and can be removed in a trice!
As well as using wholesale glowsticks, consider using fluorescent netting as swags which can be hung across the ceiling to create a magical UV wonderland. Fluorescent string can also be used to outline furniture –handy if you don’t want to bump into anything- and the room can also be decorated with fluorescent paint (Please note –not to be used on the body! There’s specialist paint you can get from places like fancy dress shops for this purpose). If you can’t afford to paint the room, use washing powder –the shiny whiteness of the substance is not just good for cleaning clothes –it makes a brilliant material for making your room look –well, brilliant, actually.
For the final touch, use UV tumblers or glasses for drinking out of, and there you have it! Your very own UV black light wonderland to party in!

Wholesale glow sticks are made from a bendable plastic tube.

In the seventies, it was discovered that a combination of two chemicals, hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxalate ester, could simulate a process found in the natural world known as chemilluminescence, two examples of which are observed when male fireflies go in search of a mate, and also when pilot fish use their “light” to lure in prey.
Once it was discovered that this process could be synthetically produced, a market was found for it in the form of wholesale glow sticks, plastic cylinders which could light up without the need for an electrical socket or other source of power other than the chemical reaction which took place inside the tube.
Wholesale glow sticks are made from a bendable plastic tube, inside of which is a solution of hydrogen peroxide and fluorescent dye to give the glow stick a colour. Inside of this, is a glass vial containing the phenyl oxalate ester. When the glow stick is bent, the vial breaks and the chemicals mix, causing electrons in the fluorescent dye to move at a rapid rate, producing what is known as cyalume, the synthetically produced form of chemilluminescence or in other words, a source of light.
wholesale glowsticks have a number of different practical and recreational applications. As they produce their own light without any need to be powered by an outside source, they are often used for emergency lighting in situations such as boating and camping trips, and even in rescue scenarios following disasters where fire-fighters and doctors use wholesale glow sticks as a general light source and for purposes such as tagging people who need immediate medical attention. In addition, they can also be used as emergency flares.
Glow sticks are also commonly associated with the acid rave scene, which came about during the mid to late eighties. A form of dancing known as glowsticking was even developed similar to poi, where the dancer twirls and throws glow sticks while dancing. glow necklaces and glow bracelets were also introduced due to the pliability of the plastic that the glow sticks are made from, and became a popular accessory for clubbers everywhere.
Wholesale glowsticks have also broken records, too. The Bang Face Weekender, a festival held in 2004 in East Sussex, saw the largest glow stick ever to be made. More recently, wholesale glowsticks were used to promote the film TRON Legacy in Sacramento, California, where a chain of one thousand, four hundred and eighty five glow sticks measuring 2,722ft long was laid out. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are also often used in UV or black light parties, where a UV light is used to show off luminous items to great effect such as glow sticks, glow bracelets and glow necklaces, as well as fluorescent material and string.