Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Famous Brands of luxury Watches.

Luxury timepieces boast a variety of innovative design and technology features unparalleled by replica models sold on the market, and as such tend to last longer, wear better and are less susceptible to damage. There are numerous brands available, one of which is the Gucci watch. The fashion house of Gucci was introduced in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, whose designs typified classical Italian chic and a sense of cool understatement which is still pervasive in many of the fashion collections seen today from the company. It was not until 1997 however that the Gucci watch was introduced under the label “Gucci Timepieces”, incorporating watches as part of the house’s luxury goods collection. Combining state of the art design and technology with the subtle chic and elegance typical of the Gucci name, they are now one of the most popular luxury watch designs on the market.

Another notable brand of luxury watch is the Citizen Watch. The Japanese company was originally founded under the name Shokosha Watch Research Institute 1918 and has since gone onto become one of the largest and most successful watch making companies in the world. Among the many high tech features offered by Citizen watch collection is atomic timekeeping, which allows the watch to synchronise with atomic clocks based in Europe, Japan and North America and Eco-Drive, which enables the watch to run on a solar panel hidden under the watch face.
Breiting Watches are a Swiss-made brand indicative of the country’s extensive history of making high quality time pieces. Originally founded by Léon Breitling in 1884, the company produced high end chronometers originally intended for aviation use; however aviators and non-aviators alike now wear the high-tech precision watches for their unique design features, such as split second timing, flyback function, moon phase and date display. Breitling watches are commonly associated with sporting events owing to their high functionality and connection with adventure and sport. The Breitling Navitimer features a circular slide rule, while the Breitling Emergency has a radio transmitter used for aviation purposes. This function has come into good use too; in 2003 two British pilots, Hugh Quentin-Smith and Steve Brooks were rescued from Antarctica where they crashed their helicopter –by activating the radio function on their Breitling watches.

Tag Watches are another prominent Swiss brand, introduced in 1860. The company were the producers of the world’s first automatic chronographs introduced in the 1960s –the Autavia, Monaco and the Carrera. The brand has a reputation for invention, featuring many high tech features as part of the design of many of its watch designs. In addition, Tag watches are also associated with sporting events, having sponsored three Summer Olympic Games during the 1920s, the Skiing World Championships and the Formula One World Championships –even designing a watch for the McLaren F1 Team. Some of the most recent models include the Carrera Calibre 360, able to display the time to 1/100th of a second and the Monaco V4, which is driven by belts as opposed to gears.

Swiss High Quality Timepieces.

If you are looking to Buy Watch from a retailer selling high quality luxury brands, the Watch Shopis the ideal place to go. A luxury timepiece is generally considered more of an investment piece than your average watch, and the Watch Shop is one retailer which stocks the genuine article in abundance. As well as having large warehouses to store a variety of special brands and designs, the online store also tells customers whether their chosen watch is in stock or not. There is also an adjustment service provided by the Watch Shop to ensure that customers get the perfect fit, first time.

While many websites can be found stocking replica watches, this store is one of the few to stock genuine luxury timepieces, which generally have a longer lifespan than ordinary watches and offer customers a place to buy watch from in the knowledge that they are purchasing the genuine article rather than a cheaply made replica which lacks the high quality and precision of genuinely made luxury watches.
One particular brand to look out for if you are looking to buy watch from this site is Victorinox Swiss Army. Switzerland itself is famed for its consistently high quality timepieces, combining both innovative design and technology features with dedication to tradition and quality. As the name suggests, Victorinox Swiss Army were the original company to produce the first Swiss Army knives in 1891. Since then the company has expanded to produce a variety of products, including Swiss made time pieces which capture the essence of a long standing tradition of quality watch making.
The company name is actually an amalgamation of founder Carl Elsner’s mother Victoria, who named the company after her in her memory, and the French term for stainless steel, acier inoxydable. The newest models of Victorinox Swiss Army watches, like the knives made by the same company, boast a whole range of state of the art features, including Precision Swiss Movement. Most models in the collection are also water resistant to 100 metres, and feature scratch resistant sapphire or mineral glass faces as well as solid steel cases and bracelets.
There are three main collections offered by the company. The Classic Collection is ideal for traditionalists, offering precision, tasteful design and low key style. The Active Collection offers many high tech features designed for adventure, while the Professional Collection combines aviation design with a number of other high tech design features typical of the Victorinox company.
Genuine Swiss time pieces are generally innovative in terms of design and style, and the Swiss watch making industry is one which continues to flourish to this day. Generally, it is advised to seek out genuine luxury time pieces as opposed to replicas, which may scratch or break more easily than their genuine branded counterparts.

Well Known Swiss Brand Wrist Watches.

Switzerland has a legacy of watch and clock making expertise stretching back to the reforms made by Jean Calvin in 1541 which prevented the people of Switzerland from wearing jewels. By way of compensation, Swiss watchmakers began to make ever more complex and beautiful clocks and pocket watches, later designing the first wrist watches. Even to this day and in spite of a tumultuous time during the seventies, when the future of the Swiss watchmaking industry looked uncertain, the country continues to produce and distribute some of the finest luxury timepieces to customers from all over the world.

One notable Swiss brand is Baume and Mercier. Founded in 1830 in Switzerland, the company makes around 200,000 watches annually and is one of Switzerland’s longest standing watchmaking companies, itself a country renowned for its accuracy and style in terms of clock and watchmaking. Baume and Mercier watches tend to be sporty in appearance, and show a dedication to precision and excellence, two points which were emphasised one of the Baume and Mercier timepieces in the collection won the 1893 timing competition at the Kew-Teddington Observatory with a score of 91.9 out of a possible one hundred. The brand earned a reputation for being associated with glamorous living, with lines such as Hampton and Riviera being introduced, named after popular US resorts for the wealthy and famous.
Another Swiss brand name is Raymond Weil, whose innovative designs and high quality manufacturing set them apart in the watchmaking industry –indeed, the company motto is “independence is a state of mind”, and the company have certainly been able to display this, from their continual improvement of the watch mechanisms to the use of new and unusual materials in watchmaking such as plastic. Founded in 1976 in the Swiss town of Geneva, Raymond Weil is one of the last remaining independent brands of the Swiss luxury watchmaking brand. The company is a kind of phoenix of the industry, created just at the time when it appeared to be in trouble. Nonetheless, it survives to this day, continuing to make beautiful watches with an emphasis on comfort and elegance. The brand has often been associated with the arts and cultural events; in 1999 the company launched the Raymond Weil Celebrate the Moment campaign to highlight this. The company is now well established throughout the world and is a fine brand of watch to choose from for those who are looking for a combination of Swiss-made technological innovation, high design and traditional elegance.
Another notable company is Tissot. Founded in 1853, the company was the first to make the mass produced pocket watch and in 1929-30 also introduced the first anti-magnetic watch to the market. Tissot quickly gained a reputation for innovation, producing the first watches to be made out of plastic, stone and wood. In recent years, “T-Touch” technology has been incorporated into Tissot watches, using touch-sensitive sapphire glass in many of the models along with many other high tech features.