Thursday, April 14, 2011

Part and parcel of the acid house look is to wear glow bracelets.

Throwing a party? Why not consider giving it a theme? For a party with a difference, why not rave it up at your own black light party, complete with fluorescent decorations to adorn your room with! Anything from wholesale glow sticks to fluorescent paper and material can be used, but it need not stop there –even give your guests glow bracelets and glow necklaces to wear for a fun, funky addition to your UV extravaganza!
In recent years, the neo-rave scene has been witness to something of a revival, with songs like MIA’s song “XR2”, a homage to the early nineties London rave scene causing the movement to once again gain momentum into the millennium.
And to that end, as well as adorning your venue with brightly glowing objects of beauty, why don’t you dress for the occasion? Part and parcel of the acid house look is to wear glow bracelets and glow necklaces, and as for apparel, keep the top tight and the bottom baggy for some serious dancing –you could even host a glow sticking competition with your mates –give it a go! In case you’ve never heard of it, this is a dance craze that took off some time in the eighties which is on a par with things like poi –you have a couple of wholesale glow sticks, which you then twirl to the rhythm of fast paced music, throwing them and catching them as you go. Some of the professionals amongst you will hopefully be able to throw some interesting shapes, but for amateur dancers, it’s a good chance to throw a few wholesale glowsticks about and to have a great time.
To create your very own UV palace of wonders, the walls should ideally be dark. Black, plum, dark green –any colourwhich is dark enough to show off fluorescent paint to great effect. If the owners of the building would not be too impressed with you apparently turning your flat into some kind of gothic cave, take heart –fabric drapes cost mere pennies and can be removed in a trice!
As well as using wholesale glowsticks, consider using fluorescent netting as swags which can be hung across the ceiling to create a magical UV wonderland. Fluorescent string can also be used to outline furniture –handy if you don’t want to bump into anything- and the room can also be decorated with fluorescent paint (Please note –not to be used on the body! There’s specialist paint you can get from places like fancy dress shops for this purpose). If you can’t afford to paint the room, use washing powder –the shiny whiteness of the substance is not just good for cleaning clothes –it makes a brilliant material for making your room look –well, brilliant, actually.
For the final touch, use UV tumblers or glasses for drinking out of, and there you have it! Your very own UV black light wonderland to party in!

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