Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wholesale glow sticks are made from a bendable plastic tube.

In the seventies, it was discovered that a combination of two chemicals, hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxalate ester, could simulate a process found in the natural world known as chemilluminescence, two examples of which are observed when male fireflies go in search of a mate, and also when pilot fish use their “light” to lure in prey.
Once it was discovered that this process could be synthetically produced, a market was found for it in the form of wholesale glow sticks, plastic cylinders which could light up without the need for an electrical socket or other source of power other than the chemical reaction which took place inside the tube.
Wholesale glow sticks are made from a bendable plastic tube, inside of which is a solution of hydrogen peroxide and fluorescent dye to give the glow stick a colour. Inside of this, is a glass vial containing the phenyl oxalate ester. When the glow stick is bent, the vial breaks and the chemicals mix, causing electrons in the fluorescent dye to move at a rapid rate, producing what is known as cyalume, the synthetically produced form of chemilluminescence or in other words, a source of light.
wholesale glowsticks have a number of different practical and recreational applications. As they produce their own light without any need to be powered by an outside source, they are often used for emergency lighting in situations such as boating and camping trips, and even in rescue scenarios following disasters where fire-fighters and doctors use wholesale glow sticks as a general light source and for purposes such as tagging people who need immediate medical attention. In addition, they can also be used as emergency flares.
Glow sticks are also commonly associated with the acid rave scene, which came about during the mid to late eighties. A form of dancing known as glowsticking was even developed similar to poi, where the dancer twirls and throws glow sticks while dancing. glow necklaces and glow bracelets were also introduced due to the pliability of the plastic that the glow sticks are made from, and became a popular accessory for clubbers everywhere.
Wholesale glowsticks have also broken records, too. The Bang Face Weekender, a festival held in 2004 in East Sussex, saw the largest glow stick ever to be made. More recently, wholesale glowsticks were used to promote the film TRON Legacy in Sacramento, California, where a chain of one thousand, four hundred and eighty five glow sticks measuring 2,722ft long was laid out. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are also often used in UV or black light parties, where a UV light is used to show off luminous items to great effect such as glow sticks, glow bracelets and glow necklaces, as well as fluorescent material and string.

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