Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glow sticks are also used on boating trips.

During the seventies, several Connecticut-based scientists made an unusual discovery. It was found that if phenyl oxalate ester and hydrogen peroxide were combined together, a chemical reaction would take place known as chemilluminescence, which is where the combination of the two chemicals forces photons to vibrate at such an increased speed as to produce a source of light. This amazing discovery, it was found, was also later discovered to be highly marketable, and some years later glow sticks began to be sold as both practical and novelty items.
Not only could wholesale glowsticks be used as an educational tool for demonstrating the effects of chemilluminescence found in sea life creatures such as pilot fish, they also has numerous other practical uses as well. Sporting and emergency situations frequently make use of wholesale glow sticks , in sports such as fishing where they are used as bait for example, and as emergency lighting for situations such as camping trips. As glow sticks do not require a power source, they are particularly useful in situations such as this, and are often used by rescue workers, fire fighters and doctors following natural disasters where the main power supply has been cut off and no other power source is available –they are highly convenient, too –simply by snapping the plastic outer casing, this breaks the fine glass tube holding the second chemical inside, which then mixes with the surrounding first chemical to create the glowing effect. Glow sticks are also often used to alert people or as a replacement for emergency flares.
In sports glowsticks are also used by divers to track others under the water and to signal to one another. As the glow sticks are particularly light weight, it makes them ideal for this purpose. They can also be used on boating trips, either as emergency lighting or to mark the positioning of a boat.
In terms of recreational use, it was not until much later that wholesale glowsticks earned their notorious reputation as part of the neo rave scene, which even sparked a whole dance culture incorporating wholesale glow sticks as a main theme –glowsticking. This is where the dancer contorts and twists his or her body into different shapes while spinning, throwing and catching glow sticks with his or her hands. The softness and pliability of the outer casing used in glow sticks also meant that they could be made into such novelty items as glow bracelets and glow necklaces.
Glow bracelets and glow necklaces are also frequently used for events such as black light parties, where a UV light is used to show neon or fluorescent items off to great effect. Recently the rave trend has undergone something of a revival, meaning that glow sticks are now more popular than ever in terms of recreational use, but regarding their history they are a piece of scientific history the user can demonstrate simply by snapping a plastic tube.

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