Saturday, March 19, 2011

The process of carving a design.

The process of carving a design in the form of lettering or in words into a hard surface has been popular for many thousands of years. The first evidence of engraved gifts was found in the form of hatched banding which was found on ostrich egg shells thought to be used as containers in around 60,000 BC. Since then the process has taken on the form of engraved gifts, which are offered to others in celebration of achievements and special occasions such as landmark birthdays and occasions such as the giving of wedding gifts The increase in precision in terms of laser engraving technology also means that the possibilities in terms of intricacy of design are now greater, making it more possible to convey almost any image you wish to.
Engraved gifts make ideal personalised gifts for special occasions, and wedding gifts in particular are perfect to offer gifts with a message of luck and congratulations to the couple, or a simple thank you to those who helped out in making the special day a success. A pair of engraved cufflinks makes the perfect gift for the best man, while a personalised button hole for the page boy makes a lovely memento. For the bridesmaids and maid of honour, jewellery is traditionally given on the big day by way of thanks, but why not turn this gesture into Personalized gifts which they will be able to treasure as a way of not only saying thank you but also to remember the special day by?
In terms of wedding gifts, there are many options. But with regards to the years after the big event, there are also many ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary. According to the 1957 edition of Emily Post's book "Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home", each year of marriage is represented by a particular material –ideal if you are looking for personalised gifts to give, but you are not sure where to start.
The first year is traditionally the paper anniversary, so a personalised card makes an ideal present. Anniversaries such as cotton (year two) and linen (year four) make ideal occasions to give embroidered personalised gifts, while anniversaries involving metal such as the steel anniversary (year eleven) or silver (the twenty-fifth) are perfect opportunities to give beautiful engraved gifts.
Of course, personalising materials such as metals and fabrics is simple, but what about the more unusual materials in the list? Ivory (year fourteen) is probably a little out-dated, and would need to be replaced with something a little more modern –and animal friendly, such as electronic items. Another idea for the twentieth wedding anniversary is china, which can be given in the form of a personalised dinner service set. With a little imagination, almost any gift can be personalised, making the ideal thoughtful present to give to someone you know for a special occasion.

Offering a gift to mark a special occasion.

Offering a gift to mark a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday can be a trying experience. In such situations it is preferable to find a gift which has some form of special resonance with the receiver; however the situation can become even more difficult when you are aware that the person receiving the present is well known for being hard to buy for. In some cases, you may even encounter the person who seems to have it all, in which case it is very hard to decide upon what, if anything, the gift should be. wedding gifts present a problem in particular, usually because the guest list tends to be large, and the idea you might have thought was pretty good two months prior to the big day might have already been snapped up by another friend or relative. For this reason, Personalized gifts such as engraved gifts make perfect wedding gifts, particularly in instances such as these. There are many materials which are perfect for engraving such as wood, crystal or metal, and with regards to the message you wish to convey, the possibilities are limitless. Wedding gifts are not solely directed at the happy couple, either:personalised gifts can also be given to the bridesmaids, maid of honour, page boy and best man as a token of gratitude for assisting the couple on their special day.
Engraved gifts are also a popular choice with new arrivals and with children, too. Embroidered milk cloths are a practical, useful gift for new parents, and the tenacity of embroidery means that the item can be washed on multipleoccasions without fading. For older children an engraved toy or money box is a lovely gift to be given as a Christmas or birthday present, and obviously landmark birthdays offer the perfect opportunity to give personalised gifts to mark the special occaiaion. An engraved crystal champagne or whiskey tumbler is perfect for an eighteenth, while an engraved silver key is a traditional way to welcome a twenty-one year old to adulthood.
Likewise, other “rites of passage” events can be marked by offering customized or personalised items as presents. A graduation is a cause to celebrate, whether it is from school or university, and an engraved gift is the perfect way to celebrate this achievement, whether it is a pen, a pendant or a pair of cufflinks.
Graduation whether it is from school or university provides the ideal platform for engraved gifts or personalised gifts. An engraved pen for example, is a perfect small gift to celebrate an academic achievement, or a piece of jewelry such as a pendant or a pair of cufflinks can be the perfect way to congratulate the new graduate.

For special occasions and events.

For special occasions and events that require the personal touch, why not look at Personalized gifts Gifts engraved, embroidered or emblazoned with the receiver’s name or any other message are traditionally given on special occasions such as weddings, christenings and special birthdays such as 18th and 21st birthdays. Personalised gifts can take on many forms, including embroidered gifts such as blankets or clothing, screen printed items such as tee shirts, or engraved gifts such as engraved crystal or metal items.
To celebrate the arrival of a baby, embroidered blankets are the perfect way to say “congratulations”, and embroidered teddy bears can provide both baby and carer with a gift which will last a lifetime. Some suppliers of personalised items such as these also provide engraving services for occasions such as these: silver engraved baby rattles while not entirely practical are a sweet memento of a time which will pass remarkably quickly.For “key to the door” occasions such as bar mitzvahs or communions, personalised gifts such as an engraved Kiddush cup can be given by family members. For 18th and 21st birthdays, engraved gifts are a popular choice, such as engraved crystal champagne flutes or engraved items of jewellery. wedding gifts can also be personalised, adding a special touch to the occasion. As before Engraved gifts such as champagne flutes for the couple make a perfect gift, while engraved cufflinks for the best man are the perfect way to say “thank you” for helping out on the big day. Other wedding gifts which can be personalised include engraved trinket boxes for the bridesmaid or maid of honour, engraved gifts such as a button hole or engraved toy (Such as a yo yo) for the page boy. And, of course an engraved picture frame is a lovely gift to give to the happy couple on the big day, as this could hold their wedding photograph.Wedding gifts are a fabulous way to say “congratulations” to the bride and groom and a big “thank you” to all who helped in making the day a success. Other related gifts include personalised items which can be given for each corresponding year: the silver, gold wedding anniversary, and so on.Other special occasions such as St Valentine’s Day and Christmas can be the perfect time to give personalised gifts. Personalised gifts do not simply have to involve putting the name of the receiver on the gift –they can say anything. A favourite quote from a film you know the receiver likes, a simple message of congratulations, or even a cryptic in-joke only you and your friend will know the meaning of! Giving personalised items is a great way to give a gift which has a little extra meaning to it and will provide the receiver with a keepsake to treasure.