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Flowers have been offered for many different reasons.

From Flowers to Valentines Flowers > to giant sized California Mothers Day Flowers, Traditionally, flowers have been offered for many different reasons, denoting a wealth of human emotion such as love, friendship and apology. Offering bloomsas symbolic tokens is an ancient tradition, which was popularised in Britain in Medieval times when lovers could not display their affection for one another publicly. In strict Victorian times, this was given further significance, with many books being written on the topic.

Saint Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day are two notable festivals where floral gifts are given, with carnations usually given as Mothers Day Flowers and red roses being the traditional Valentines flowers we see in shop windows each year.
For something a little different this year however, why not consider taking some inspiration from the Victorians and giving your loved one your own specially “coded” bouquet?
Valentines flowers are pretty much restricted to bunches of a dozen roses by tradition, but why not add a twist to this? Alstromerias signify devotion, while anemones mean unfading love. For an unrequited valentine, offering a dahlia denotes love which may not be returned by the person who receives the flowers, but acknowledges it nonetheless. Similarly, gardenias are used to signify a secret love. If your Valentine is a little more on the platonic side however, you can still show them you care by sending a bunch of roses –that is to say, yellow roses, which are used to signify friendship.
Mothers Day flowers are given in all kinds of forms. Perhaps you want to tell your mum how proud of her you are? Then amaryllises are the perfect flowers to give. Gerbera Regard Gladioli are a way of telling someone that they are generous and strong in character, a perfect sentiment for Mothers Day,while poinsettias, traditionally offered as Christmas flowers, mean good cheer.

The act of giving flowers has been used traditionally for many thousands of years, and each culture attributes different meanings to certain blooms, so while carnations may well be the original Mothers Day flowers, in Mexico they mean something quite different –in fact they are used to celebrate the lives of deceased loved ones in the Day of the Dead!
Valentines flowers are traditionally sent to the object of the lover’s affections in secret, without the recipient knowing who has sent them. However, the actual gifting has changed over the years, with bouquets being sent directly to the house or place of work, or even given to the person’s Valentine in person. Another popular method of gifting has come in the form of singing telegrams, which were made popular in post war America. This unusual method of greeting your Valentine and wishing them a happy Valentines Day involves someone who will be sent to your loved one with a personalised song who can then offer them the bouquet.

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