Saturday, February 26, 2011

flowers are also often given to represent our emotions.

From Flowers to Valentines Flowers to giant sized California Mothers Day Flowers, Mothering Sunday traditionally falls on the second Sunday in May each year, and is often used as the opportunity to tell mothers everywhere how much their children appreciate all their hard work and dedication. In addition to many gifts traditionally given such as cakes and other presents related to Mother’s Day, flowers are also often given, particularly as May is a time of year when they are often in bloom and many varieties can be found online or at a local florists.
Ordering Mothers Day flowers is now often done online due to convenience and ease of delivery. Choosing which blooms to include in a bouquet of Mothers Day flowers can be confusing, however aside from the traditional blooms which are given (Pink carnations), there are many other varieties which signify pride, strength of character and motherly love, which can often be found on websites referencing Victorian floral symbolism. The use of carnations as Mothers Day flowers comes from Anna Jarvis, who founded the first Mother’s Working Day in the United States to celebrate motherhood, a day which later developed into Mother’s Day as we know it now. Along with bouquets, many gifts are also given including soft toys and cards.
Another notable festival where flowers are given is Saint Valentines Day. Although traditionally red roses are given as a token of romantic affection, again there are many other varieties which can be used traditionally to symbolise a whole range of different loves –unrequited love, secret love –even platonic love, however roses are generally the most popular. White roses signify unending devotion to someone, lilac roses are used to symbolise love at first sight, red roses of course signify passionate romance, and yellow is used to represent friendship.
Saint Valentines Day has become one of the major days of business for florists, confectionary companies and greetings card manufacturers, many of which exist mainly due to the rush of consumer interest which takes place on the 14th February.
Choose carefully which Valentines flowers to give and that alone might make enough of a statement, as flowers are traditionally given as tokens of love and adoration. Valentines flowers can come in many forms; a huge bouquet, for example, or a single traditional bloom. Mixing and matching the flowers which send the message you wish to convey is the perfect way to send a truly romantic gift and to really make a statement.
Of course, Valentines flowers are not the only gifts which can be given on Saint Valentines Day. There are many other options including chocolates or stuffed toys which are also traditionally given, but if you already know your Valentine’s favourite flowers, then regardless of their meaning, your choice of bouquet is bound to leave you smelling of roses, or orchids, or lilies, or chrysanthemums…

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