Saturday, March 19, 2011

For special occasions and events.

For special occasions and events that require the personal touch, why not look at Personalized gifts Gifts engraved, embroidered or emblazoned with the receiver’s name or any other message are traditionally given on special occasions such as weddings, christenings and special birthdays such as 18th and 21st birthdays. Personalised gifts can take on many forms, including embroidered gifts such as blankets or clothing, screen printed items such as tee shirts, or engraved gifts such as engraved crystal or metal items.
To celebrate the arrival of a baby, embroidered blankets are the perfect way to say “congratulations”, and embroidered teddy bears can provide both baby and carer with a gift which will last a lifetime. Some suppliers of personalised items such as these also provide engraving services for occasions such as these: silver engraved baby rattles while not entirely practical are a sweet memento of a time which will pass remarkably quickly.For “key to the door” occasions such as bar mitzvahs or communions, personalised gifts such as an engraved Kiddush cup can be given by family members. For 18th and 21st birthdays, engraved gifts are a popular choice, such as engraved crystal champagne flutes or engraved items of jewellery. wedding gifts can also be personalised, adding a special touch to the occasion. As before Engraved gifts such as champagne flutes for the couple make a perfect gift, while engraved cufflinks for the best man are the perfect way to say “thank you” for helping out on the big day. Other wedding gifts which can be personalised include engraved trinket boxes for the bridesmaid or maid of honour, engraved gifts such as a button hole or engraved toy (Such as a yo yo) for the page boy. And, of course an engraved picture frame is a lovely gift to give to the happy couple on the big day, as this could hold their wedding photograph.Wedding gifts are a fabulous way to say “congratulations” to the bride and groom and a big “thank you” to all who helped in making the day a success. Other related gifts include personalised items which can be given for each corresponding year: the silver, gold wedding anniversary, and so on.Other special occasions such as St Valentine’s Day and Christmas can be the perfect time to give personalised gifts. Personalised gifts do not simply have to involve putting the name of the receiver on the gift –they can say anything. A favourite quote from a film you know the receiver likes, a simple message of congratulations, or even a cryptic in-joke only you and your friend will know the meaning of! Giving personalised items is a great way to give a gift which has a little extra meaning to it and will provide the receiver with a keepsake to treasure.

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