Friday, April 8, 2011

Numerous sports figures and actors have taken paternity tests.

From paternity test to paternity testing to giant sized California paternity tests, Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has taken a paternity test to confirm the parentage of his son, thought to be born as the result of a brief liaison with a Los Angeles waitress. The Portuguese football player, who is one of the most expensive players in the history of football plays for Real Madrid. He has not said who the mother is, but asked for paternity testing to be carried out to confirm whether or not he was the father of the child.
The mother of the boy gave birth in early 2010, as the results of the paternity tests showed. Ronald declined to give any further comment other than to state basic details including that he was the one and only guardian of the boy. There have been rumours that the football player found a surrogate mother to carry the baby, but as it now transpires, this may not have been the case.
The baby was born on 17th June –when Real Madrid played against the Ivory Coast in the World Cup. A companion of Ronaldo’s said that Ronaldo had approached the waitress while staying in Los Angeles. When she discovered that she was pregnant, she immediately got in touch with Real Madrid manager Jose Mendes to inform him she was pregnant with Cristiano Ronaldo’s child. Ronaldo requested that a paternity test be carried out to see whether he was really the father of the child. Once the results of the paternity tests were revealed, he gave the woman a substantial amount of money (Allegedly ten million pounds) and took his son with him to Portugal.
It has been rumoured that Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Ronaldo is acting as the main care taker of the child, who has been named Cristiano. His father claims that he will not say who the boy’s mother is until he is eighteen years old, by which point should the child wish to track down his mother, he can do so and will be assured that she is living very well with the money she was given.
Numerous sports figures and actors have taken paternity tests. Hollywood actor Mel Gibson demanded that a paternity test be taken back in June 2009, when he suspected that the child being carried by his pregnant girlfriend was not his. Later that year, fellow actor Keanu Reeves underwent paternity testing to confirm he was not the father of an alleged “secret child.” The results of the test were negative. Other celebrities who have taken the tests include golfer Tiger woods, who last year had a paternity action lawsuit filed against him by a woman who insisted that he was the father of her nine year old son, and who asked that he undergo DNA testing to prove that this was true.

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