Friday, April 1, 2011

Deciding on the correct bed frame and mattress

If you lived in Ancient Egypt in around 8000 BC, chances are that unless you were among the very wealthy (In which case you could sleep on carved, ornate beds often covered with gold leafing), you would have to make do with a straw mat covered with a sheet of rough linen.
Luckily, times have changed a lot since then and modern beds present a much wider variety of choices for sleepers everywhere –and you don’t have to be a rich and living in Ancient Egypt either. One aspectto think about when deciding which would be the ideal bed for you is how big it will be. Single Beds are usually 39 by 75 inches, Double Beds measure about 54 by 75 inches and King size Beds are around 76-78 inches by 84 inches. California king size beds are even bigger, measuring 72 by 84 inches. Whichever size you choose, it is important to have a bed which will not restrict movement or will be too short or small.
Preferably, you should try to find a bed which can fit into the room as well as the person can fit into the bed –which means trying to get as much space as possible without compromising on space within the room. If you have a very small room for instance, there is probably little point looking for a huge bed which will swamp the room and leave you with little floor space to work with. In situations such as this, a wall bed can become useful, particularly if space is an issue. These are double beds which fold away into the wall during the day making them perfect if you live in a bedsit. Sofa beds are also a good option in instances such as this. These are double beds or king size beds which convert into sofas. As an alternative, futons which can fold out into single beds are a great way to economize on space.
Deciding on the correct bedframe and mattress is also vital for health reasons. There are a range of different mattresses available, some with the label “orthopedic”. What is most important is that you test the mattress out thoroughly before buying, as the wrong mattress can be attributed to a whole range of issues such as back pain. Mattresses are available to fit all bed frames to fit single beds to larger frames. Split mattresses can be a good choice for those with bed mates who are experiencing mobility issues, as these can be partially mechanized to be raised on one side, helping the person to sit up in bed. When deciding on each aspect of your new bed, also think carefully about your health and lifestyle. What might be suitable for one person might not be for another, and this applies if you happen to be sharing a bed with someone. There are a range of suppliers both on and offline who will be able to make sure that every sleeper’s need is catered for in any event.

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