Monday, March 14, 2011

Recycling of Toner Cartridges is Ideal for Specific Cause.

Millions of toner cartridges are disposed of in household waste each year; to be transported to landfills where the engineering grade polymer they are made of will take over one thousand years to decompose. In addition, this wastage costs valuable tax money, as well as the environment.
So what is the alternative for the disposal of high quality products such as Canon toner cartridges? The answer is to go green and recycle them. Not only is this beneficial to the environment but those who do recycle products such as used Epson toner cartridges can also profit from it as well.
Many companies who sell products such as toner cartridges and Toner Refill now recycle and reuse almost all of their old cartridges in order to make new ones. It takes around 80% less energy to do this than to produce new toner cartridges from new materials. In addition, remanufactured products such as HP toner cartridges also use around 50% of the oil required to make new cartridges, saving over 38,000 tonnes of metal and plastic from going into landfills in the process.
However, it is worth remembering that only OEM cartridges are accepted by most of the recycling programs currently in operation. OEM cartridges have not been previously recycled and generally are only branded names such as Canon toner cartridges or Epson toner cartridges. Any cartridges bearing phrases the same as or similar to "manufactured from new and used parts", "compatible with", "replaces..." or "remanufactured" will generally not be accepted.
Recycling toner cartridges is ideal for organisations wishing to raise funds for a specific cause or for home or business owners who wish to reduce the cost of printer cartridges. How much you can receive as a result of recycling depends on certain aspects such as printer brand, cartridge type, cartridge model, the recycling company and the amount of cartridges which have been returned. Contacting your local council’s recycling department for advice is always a good starting point.
Another option when considering reducing the volume of waste in your office or home is to consider using toner refill. This reduces the need to buy yet more cartridges, keeping down the volume of cartridges in circulation and helping to reduce waste. Toner refill is available for many brands including Epson toner cartridges and Canon toner cartridges. The process is initially difficult for some first time users, however with practice it can be a very efficient way to save money and the environment.
Replacing the toner in your computer does not have to cost you a huge amount of money –but it doesn’t have to mean costing the earth as well. Recycling and reducing waste is fast becoming an integral part of everyday business and home life, so do your bit for the environment and scale down or recycle the use of your toner cartridges.

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