Thursday, March 24, 2011

How many types of taxi insurance policies.

First thing you must keep in your mind that your taxi is your income. There fore when you are thinking about cheap taxi insurance you are actually insuring your income. We understand that it is very difficult for you when your taxi is off the road due to a claim. Insuring your taxi or taxi insurance quote is greatly different than regular vehicle insurance, the main difference is cost. Because your taxi is on the road through the day, and you have the risk of accident more than a regular vehicle there fore you are in a high risk of claim category.
taxi insurance can be divided into two main sections:
Private hire
Also called minicab insurance, taxi insurance provider companies only provide their services on the basis of customers pre-arranged the collection. In case of private hire vehicles or minicab taxi, they are not allowed to apply for hire in taxi rank or the can not display taxi light on there vehicle.
Public hire
Also called hackney carriages or black cab insurance, they are in the taxi ranks, licensed and insured to pick passenger for the side of the road. Geographical boundaries are appointed by the local authority and fares for public hire. If you want to become a public hire driver, you must have a license, and no criminal record in theft, sexual offence, fraud or violence or other criminal activities. You must be 21 years old.Taxi insurance quote
You can use any vehicle for taxi purpose especially state and saloon cars, and they are the most common. Before purchasing your vehicle, diesel engines are very popular and good choice for added money. However it is decided by the licensing authority whether or not they will plate your vehicle. Another important term is used for cheap taxi insurance is liability insurance; this includes your vehicle yourself and your passenger too. This policy has a largest concern about the passenger you are carrying. High quality Taxi insurance quote provider companies will be able to offer expert information on this. When choosing cheap taxi insurance for your taxi, it is very important to read all the terms and condition provided by a insurance company before you purchase it. Because you only covered for what policy specify. Don’t buy a cheap policy that dos not supply you with adequate cover.
However you can do some simple steps to reduce the cost of your insurance,
Taxi insurance providing companies give more preference to a licensed taxi rather than unlicensed and also gives more favorable terms and condition.
Increase policy access

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